s e c o n d    t i m e

Claude Marc Bourget
Musiques de ballet

新しいリリースでは、 月 2回目は、即興サイクル
Quebec Improvised Musics Society
Indisponible / Unavailable.

“Emotional, uninhibited,
and hauntingly beautiful.”

Susan Frances, Jazz Review

[ Tracking list ]

Opening 1:40

Part I

Northern Restlessness     5:19
Interlude 1:02
Plays Of Winds 5:08
Dance Of The Large Bird 5:02
Secret Ice 4:27

Part II

Second Time 6:57
Lull In Ashes (Brahms)4:00
Song Of Destiny (Beethoven)3:14
Song Of Past 2:55
Tides Of Hopewell Rocks 2:48

Part III  

Dripping Of Whiteness 3:36
Ungrund      5:08
River In The Air 3:51
Awakening Cycle 5:22
Coda 0:59

Rising Death (Adagio) 3:36




Indisponible / Unavailable.

Second Time New release 2008
(pdf / 399 Ko)

















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